CV Joint Housing

The CV joint housing is used on mainly four wheel drives that are designed to allow for the use of a short drive and to eliminate center misalignment. It is also used on some rear drive shafts as well as on some combination axles. Other uses include full moon drive applications and in general, the CV joint is used to form the interior ring of the spline axles. In general, the CV joint is formed using spline axles.

A CV joint housing is a type of wheel housing that uses a two-link design. A wheel decoupler device is also offered that features a front wheel drive assembly and a constant velocity joint inner housing . The front wheel drive assembly also contains a housing  and one or more actuators . The constant velocity joint inner housing has one or more annular ports that are used to allow for fluid travel between the input side of the housing and the output side.

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  • The installation process of the constant velocity joint housing is relatively simple and there is no need to use much grease. The main requirement is for a heavy duty grease such as 3M. The boot is then ready to be installed. It is important to install the boot under the header brace as this aids in the proper functioning of the engine. There are a few different ways to install the boot; however, one method involves removing a few bolts and then attaching the new boot onto the shaft and bolting it tightly.