DOJ CV Joint

Structure: DOJ type constant velocity joint is composed of inner race, outer race, cage and ball. The inner race and outer are arranged in the axial direction, and the cage controls the movement of the steel ball. The center of the inner and outer spherical surfaces of the cage is symmetrically distributed relative to the center of the window, so as to realize the movement of the angle between the axes.

Features: This has the characteristics of low sliding resistance, axial movement, large sliding amount and small limit axis angle (18°), etc.
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Industry knowledge

Introducing the DOJ Type Constant Velocity Joint : 

The Department of Justice (DOJ) type constant velocity joint is a new and innovative type of CV joint that offers improved performance and durability.
This type of joint features a unique design that eliminates the need for a conventional boot and improves sealing, making it resistant to contamination and wear. The DOJ type CV joint is also designed to handle high torque loads and operate smoothly at high speeds, resulting in improved overall vehicle performance. In addition, the compact design of the DOJ type joint reduces weight and makes it easier to install.
The DOJ type CV joint is a significant improvement over traditional CV joints and is well suited for use in high-performance vehicles, such as sports cars and off-road vehicles. The enhanced durability and performance make it a great choice for demanding driving conditions, and it provides drivers with a smooth and responsive driving experience.

The role of DOJ type constant velocity joint cages

The role of a Constant Velocity Joint (CVJ) cage in a Drive Shaft (DOJ) is to maintain the separation and alignment of the ball bearings that form the joint. These ball bearings allow the drive shaft to transmit power at a constant velocity despite changes in the angle between the shaft and the drive axle. The cage holds the ball bearings in place and guides them as they move, preventing them from jamming or colliding with one another.
Durability: It must be able to withstand the high stresses and forces generated by the rotating drive shaft.
Lightweight: The cage must be lightweight to reduce the overall weight of the drive shaft and improve fuel efficiency.
Low Friction: The cage must have a low coefficient of friction to ensure that the joint operates smoothly and efficiently.
Precision: The cage must be precisely manufactured to ensure that the ball bearings are aligned correctly and the joint operates smoothly.