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Zhejiang Jiade Machinery Co., Ltd is one of the famous China CV Joint Housing Suppliers and CV Joint outer Housing exporter in China. Company has a number of high-standard modern production lines, equipped with world-leading production equipment and testing instruments such as Japan. At present, it has formed a long-term strategic partnership with more than ten well-known brand auto OEM such as BMW, Ford, Nissan, Hyundai, Mazda, FAW Hongqi, Geely, and BYD. We custom OEM Outer CV Joint Housing over 11 years.

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Industry knowledge

The introduction of Outer CV Joint Housing

The outer CV joint housing is a component of the constant velocity (CV) joint in a vehicle's drive shaft. It is responsible for holding the outer CV joint and protecting it from dust, dirt, and other contaminants. 
The outer CV joint housing is typically made of high-strength materials such as steel or aluminum to withstand the high stress and torque that is transmitted through the drive shaft. It is designed with a rubber or synthetic boot that protects the joint from dust, dirt, and moisture.
The outer CV joint housing is an important component in a vehicle's drive shaft system. It protects the CV joint from damage and ensures smooth power transmission from the engine to the wheels. With advances in materials and design, modern outer CV joint housings are more durable and provide improved performance compared to older designs.

The outer CV joint housing is a critical component in a constant velocity (CV) joint system. It serves several key functions:

Protection: The outer CV joint housing provides a protective casing for the CV joint, which helps to prevent damage to the joint caused by dirt, rocks, and other road debris.
Lubrication: The outer CV joint housing contains a grease fitting that allows the CV joint to be lubricated and maintain smooth operation.
Support: The outer CV joint housing supports the CV joint and helps to transfer torque from the drive shaft to the wheel.
Stabilization: The outer CV joint housing helps to keep the CV joint in its correct alignment, which allows for smooth and stable transfer of power from the drive shaft to the wheel.