What you should have as an auto parts salesperson

Update:2016-08-04 00:00
In the auto parts center, we can often see a beautiful and kind sales lady standing in front of the auto parts counter. At this time, you must not underestimate this sales lady for auto parts, because she has undergone strict selection and training, and has a lot of senior and rich knowledge about automobiles. As a salesperson of auto parts, you need to know more about the knowledge of auto parts, such as what parts should be used in which part of the car, and what is the general role of this part. And the type of car accessories is different according to the model of the car. Why is it an experienced salesperson? It is because as a salesperson, you have to know what type of car or brand of car is more suitable for what kind of parts. For example: some cars are suitable for ordinary tires, some cars are suitable for tubeless tires, some cars use 9.00 type tires, and some cars use larger or smaller car tires. Therefore, the salesperson in auto parts is a very important job and also a very difficult job. Therefore, the salesperson of auto parts standing in front of the counter is an amazing job.