What does auto parts include?

Update:2020-03-28 00:00
Cars are composed of various parts, and accessories are auxiliary to these parts. The combination of accessories can make the car run faster and safer. So what do auto parts include? Auto parts and accessories include a lot of content. For example, if a car has tires, then the tire has a fetal heart, which is what we call the inner bar. Also, screws are needed to install the tires on the car. Therefore, screws and inner bars are all auto parts. Accessories. There are still many spare parts on the car. The car's engine also needs it, such as engine oil, antifreeze, lubricating oil and so on. The windshield wiper on a car is also a kind of auto parts. If it breaks, we have to find an auto parts repair center to repair it. Therefore, there are a lot of parts on cars. If you go to the parts department of auto parts repair, you will find that there are countless auto parts, and each model is also different. So as to match the different types of different cars.