Drive shaft

The drive shaft (sometimes also known as propeller shaft or axle shaft) is an integral part of the drive system in a car, with the main function of sending power from the transmission to the engine for use as power.

The majority of Ford Focus' vehicles use CV axles. They use these types of cv axles for a variety of different reasons. One reason is that CV axles allow for much more torque than the standard types of axles. Some people believe that CV axles make a better fit in a certain vehicle than standard axles do. CV stands for "coupled constant velocity axle". A Coupled constant velocity axle allows the axle to be spun simultaneously, which is one of the reasons they are so popular with Ford. 

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  • The majority of the Ford Focus's factory CV joints are a Standard CV but there are a select few that are CV adapters that are made to work with the CV axle unit. These adapters are commonly referred to as "half shafts".

    CV axle units are commonly used on vehicles that have an automatic transmission as well as vehicles with a manual transmission.