CV Joint Inner Race

The CV Joint inner races are made from a high tensile alloy which has high hardness and an extreme amount of elongation. Inner Race material can be customized and OEM.

Custom CV Joint Inner Race designed for Multi CV Joints.

The inner race on a crankshaft is important because it directly interfaces with the spindle, cone, and main bearing. The outer bearing allows for direct mechanical pressure to the crankshaft, cone, and main bearings. The outer bearing should be made from a good alloy to prevent corrosion, but must also have a very high tolerance to heat distortion. The design of the CV Joint allows for the addition of water cooling ports to the cones and spindles of the main bearing and the removal of air flow into the crankcase.

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  • With the inner race crankshaft considered, the outer ring must be of equal length to the crankshaft itself. This creates a perfect seal between the two parts. This is designed to reduce the amount of intake slip that could occur due to varying degrees of lift while the vehicle is in motion. The oval design of the outer ring is used to maximize the airflow through the engine. This is beneficial because the airflow is evenly distributed and will prevent the formation of condensation on the bearings and the piston rings.