What's wrong with the universal shaft that can't be oiled?


Take the common SWC350BH universal shaft as an example, […]

Take the common SWC350BH universal shaft as an example, the clearance space inside the single bearing sleeve is about 97000mm^3 without oil injection, because the assembly generally adopts the four-point oil lubrication method, so during the assembly assembly, the operator will pre-oil the four directions of the bearing one by one, some users sometimes encounter the situation that the oil cannot be added. We can analyze from the following aspects.


1. Whether the refueling hole is blocked. If the grease nozzle is smashed to the hexagonal deformation or rusted grease nozzle, etc. will lead to the oil circuit does not work, then the grease nozzle should be replaced in a timely manner. In the replacement process to keep the interface around clean, do not let the mechanical impurities, dust and sand particles mixed in.



2. Grease gun air inlet pressure is not enough. High-pressure grease injector is a compressed air for power grease injection equipment, with the help of the pump to make the oil to produce high pressure, the use of high pressure for grease injection. Before using it, pay attention to start the air compressor, prepare 0.6-0.8 MPa of compressed air. When coupling, do a good job of cleaning each coupling part and tighten the nut with a wrench to avoid oil leakage.


3. Filling grease is not suitable. The working principle of grease is that the thickener keeps the oil in the position that needs lubrication, and when there is a load, the thickener will release the oil so as to play the role of lubrication. If the equipment is located in the environment of winter and summer Lee and temperature difference changes, we should pay attention to the timely replacement of grease for the season, so as not to block the grease block out of the hole. Universal shaft assembly generally uses 3# general lithium grease grease, applied in -20℃-120℃ working temperature range of different mechanical equipment, with good water resistance, mechanical safety, rust resistance and oxidation stability.


4. Operator's misjudgment. Why do you say that in some cases, workers will produce the misjudgment of not playing into the oil? For example, the general common pneumatic high-pressure oiling machine oil delivery volume is about 0.85L/min, bearing cavity filled with oil equivalent to about 6.85s, while taking into account the factory pre-injection oil, daily grease retention, the actual oiling time is about 3-5s. Therefore, the grease addition and replacement time should be based on the specific use of the situation.