What issues should be considered when the universal axis is purchased?


The universal shaft is used to connect two axes of two […]

The universal shaft is used to connect two axes of two different mechanisms. Its function is to transfer torque. There are a lot of structural types of the universal axis, such as cross-axles, ball-ornamental, withdrawal, and triple. Among them, the cross-axis universal axis is a relatively common type. The performance of the universal axis affects the drive of the machine, then what problems should you consider when selecting a universal axis?

1. Make sure there is a transmission between the original motif and the universal joint shaft. If you have an understanding of whether the drive is power allocated, the type of the original motif is.


2. Consider the type of the original motif, the universal axis matches the load type.


3. The installation status of the universal axis should be determined, and the horizontal and vertical angles should be determined.


4. Considering working conditions and different working conditions, the choice of universal axes is different.


The connection form and the actual installation size of the 5. Universal axis.


The 6. The speed of the universal axis itself determines whether or not what level of balance is needed.


7. Consider the mounting position and length of the universal axis.