What are the way to disassemble the drive shaft assembly product?


First, the drive shaft assembly dismantling: 1. Remove […]

First, the drive shaft assembly dismantling:
1. Remove the clamp on both sides of the drive shaft assembly, and push the protective sleeve as much as possible.
2. Use a plastic hammer to tap the outer velocity of universal joint, knock outside the exterior velocity joint from the drive shaft assembly.
3. Use the mandrel to knock out from the inner veneer cover.
4. Remove the snap ring with a spring gasket, remove the two clamps and push the universal joint protective cover to the 10,000-way festival.
5. Press the interior equity universal joint.


Second, the assembly drive shaft assembly:
1. Push the new protective sleeve to the general drive shaft, and carefully knocked the externally equation universal joint to the transmission shaft with a plastic hammer until it stops.
2. Press the internal contour universal joint, the chamfer on the inner diameter of the spherical hub (spline) must point to the general drive shaft assembly contact shoulder.
3. Place the spring pliers At this time, it should be noted that the blade of the pliers should be close to the corner of the clamp.
4. Rotate the screw clamp clamp with a torque wrench (note the pliers cannot be skew), the clamp card is smaller in the transmission shaft.