What are the issues to consider when purchasing cardan shafts?


The cardan shaft is used to connect the two shafts of t […]

The cardan shaft is used to connect the two shafts of two different mechanisms to rotate together. Its function is to transmit torque. There are many types of universal joint shafts, such as cross shaft type, ball pin type, ball fork type and three rod type. Among them, the universal joint shaft is a more common type. The performance of the cardan shaft will affect the transmission of the machine, so what issues should be considered when choosing a cardan shaft?


1. Ensure that there is a transmission between the prime mover and the universal joint shaft. If you know whether the transmission ratio has power distribution, the type of prime mover.

2. Considering the type of prime mover, the cardan shaft matches the load type.

3. If the installation state of the universal joint shaft needs to be inclined, the horizontal and vertical angles should be determined.

4. Taking into account the working conditions and different working conditions, the selection of cardan shafts is different.

5. The connection form and actual installation size of both ends of the universal joint shaft.

6. The speed of the cardan shaft itself determines whether and what level of balance is needed.

7. Consider the installation position and length of the cardan shaft.