How to synchronize the output and input of the cardan shaft


If the input end and output end of the cardan shaft can […]

If the input end and output end of the cardan shaft cannot be synchronized, it may affect the use and may cause speed fluctuations. Therefore, many people hope that the input and output ends of the device can be in a synchronized state , Then, what should be done to achieve synchronization without affecting the speed?


When installing the universal joint shaft, make the forks on both sides and the bearings in the middle form a z-shape and a w-shape. If such a structure is not formed, then it is likely to cause out of synchronization.


Then, when installing, pay attention to make the angle between the middle line of the plug and the axis appear equal. If the angle is not equal, then naturally there is no way to achieve synchronization.



In principle, it is feasible for the universal joint shaft to be the active end or the driven end. However, the theory is the theory. When the universal joint shaft is working, everyone should pay attention to whether the related design of its traditional system is correct. If it meets the requirements of the relevant regulations, if it does not meet the relevant requirements, it is very likely that some failures will occur when using this equipment. In this way, the production will naturally be affected.


The above are the three issues that should be paid attention to to synchronize the output and input of the universal joint shaft. If you want the device to meet the synchronization requirements, you must pay more attention when installing it. If you find an abnormality or use it during installation When an abnormality is found, it is necessary to check the abnormality in time, otherwise the use may be affected because the abnormality is not checked in time.