How to repair the universal drive shaft when wear problems?


Damage, wear, deformation, and loss of dynamic transmis […]

Damage, wear, deformation, and loss of dynamic transmission shaft cause an abnormal noise and vibration during driving, which will cause damage to the relevant components. When the car is driving or accelerates too fast, "Gordon" sound will be issued, which clearly shows the feeling of loose parts. If it is not a loose piece of the driving bridge, it is obviously a loosening piece of the drive shaft. The loose part is a universal gondola cross bearings or steel bowls and flanges, splines and telescopic sets of splines. Generally, the cross-shaft diameter and bearing gap should not exceed 0.13 mm, and the meshing gap of the telescopic bond shaft and the spline sleeve should not exceed 0.3 mm, and if the limit is exceeded, repair or replace it. So how do you repair it?


1. Universal drive shaft wear is generally soldered, inlay and pixel. However, when the 45 # steel (tang and striped steel) is used to generate welding internal stress, under heavy-duty or high speed operation, the shoulder may have cracks or even break, if the depletion annealing operation is difficult, maintenance high cost. When important materials are HT200, cast iron welding is not satisfactory. Companies with higher maintenance technologies will use brush plating, laser welding, micro-arc welding, and even cold welding, etc., these maintenance technologies often require high requirements.


2. High molecular composite technology and nanotechnology. Polymer technology can effectively improve repair efficiency, reduce maintenance costs and maintenance strength, but also have the strength and hardness required for metal, but also have a grease (variable relationship). Through the process of "mold repair", "component correspondence" and "machining" can ensure size match between the repair parts and the matching; the integrated characteristics of the composite material are utilized, such as compressive, anti-bending, ductility, and the like. It can effectively absorb the impact of the external force, resolve and offset the radial impact of the bearing to the axial impact force, avoiding the possibility of a gap between the universal drive shaft, thereby avoiding the double wear of the device.