Four characteristics of universal couplings!


Universal couplings are flexible couplings that can tra […]

Universal couplings are flexible couplings that can transmit fitness and torque. In addition, they have different levels of axial, angular compensation and radial.

Universal couplings play a very important role in the machining process and are therefore widely used. Universal couplings are a type of coupling and have many advantages.

Feature One
The structure is compact and reasonable, and the overall design of the universal joint shaft is very careful and compact. Therefore, the conveying capacity of the universal joint is very strong and trustworthy.


Feature Two
The cardan shaft has a large load capacity. The torque that it can transmit is relatively large, so the universal coupling has more advantages in the range of service facilities for mechanical equipment with restricted rotation diameter.


Feature Three
The environmental protection and energy saving characteristics of universal couplings are remarkable. Because the traditional efficiency of universal couplings is high, generally up to 98%, the work efficiency is improved during work, thereby ensuring the expected effect of environmental protection and energy saving.


Feature four
The universal coupling has low noise and stable operation. In the process of processing, the noise of mechanical equipment is also a concrete manifestation of uneconomic scale, and it is not good for the use of the mechanical equipment itself. The noise of universal couplings is very low, and its operation is relatively stable, which can make The work is carried out more efficiently.