Do these four-step universal shaft maintenance to make your machinery run stably


Every thing has its own service life, but some are long […]

Every thing has its own service life, but some are long and some are short. No matter what type of universal joint shaft, after long-term application, it is inevitable that a series of ups and downs will inevitably appear. If you remain indifferent to this matter and accumulate less and more, it will definitely cause some inconvenience to the production and endanger the production. Therefore, in order to better ensure that the universal joint shaft can operate normally during the entire application process, and can reasonably increase its service life, you need to carry out some maintenance work on the universal joint shaft.


The coupling will share with everyone how to do the maintenance work of the cardan shaft from the four processes.



1. When using cardan shafts, the first thing to pay attention to is the slow speed. It is more suitable for mechanical applications only when the speed is gradually increased in the whole process of application, so as to reduce unnecessary wear of mechanical equipment.

2. Check the balance of universal couplings. Because the equalizing solder lug is one of the key reasons for the smooth balance of the universal joint shaft, it is a very important step. When you carry out critical overhauls, you must be more careful about the problems associated with the original installation.

3. The working condition of the universal joint shaft must be checked every day, so as to ensure the normal operation of the universal joint shaft.

4. Add lubricating grease. Generally speaking, in summer, lithium-based grease is injected, and lithium-based grease is also introduced in winter. But the difference is that the number of lithium grease added in these two seasons is different.


If you want the machinery to operate smoothly without harming the production and manufacturing, in addition to the maintenance of the machinery and equipment, the maintenance of the cardan shaft is also indispensable.