Do a good job in the maintenance of the cardan shaft to make your machinery run stably


No matter what type of universal joint shaft, after a l […]

No matter what type of universal joint shaft, after a long period of use, a series of large or small problems will inevitably occur. If this is ignored, it will cause some troubles to production and affect production for a long time. Therefore, in order to allow it to operate normally during use, and to increase its service life, we have to carry out some maintenance work on it.

1. When using a cardan shaft, pay attention to the slow speed first, and only accelerating slowly during use can it meet the mechanical use, so as to reduce the unnecessary wear of the mechanical equipment.

2. Check its balance. Since the balance pad is one of the important reasons for stabilizing the balance of the universal joint shaft, this is a very critical step. When we carry out major repairs, we need to be more careful about the relationship between the original assembly.

3. Check the working condition of the universal joint every day, so as to maintain the normal operation of the universal joint.

4. Add grease. Generally, lithium-based grease is injected in summer, and lithium-based grease is also injected in winter. But the difference is that the number of lithium grease added in these two seasons is different.

If you want the machine to run stably without affecting the production work, in addition to the maintenance of the mechanical equipment, the maintenance of the cardan shaft is also very important.