6 Tips for Choosing Universal Couplings


The coupling consists of two parts, each connected with […]

The coupling consists of two parts, each connected with the gear shaft and the driven shaft. Generally, the engine is mostly connected with the working machine by means of a coupling. Among them, universal couplings are widely used today. I will tell you how to choose the model and specifications of universal couplings.


1. Whether the transmission system is from the prime mover to the universal coupling. If there is a reduction ratio, it is based on the output of the two shafts after the intermediate transmission system, that is, whether there is a separation of output power. Consider the type of prime mover, output power and speed ratio.


2. The type of prime mover and the load type of the optional cross-shaft universal coupling must be considered: unilateral stable load, pulsating beverage load or double alternating load. How about the installation of the universal coupling? Horizontal, vertical or skewed installation. Try to make the centerline fold less than 3 degrees. If you have to install it at a skewed angle, you must clarify how much the horizontal and vertical angles are.


3. Considering the office environment of the prime mover, whether there are extreme natural environmental standards such as high temperature, smoke, water spray, chemical corrosion, etc., choose the relative type of universal coupling according to the different natural environment.


4. It is necessary to understand the specified connection mode and actual installation specifications on both sides of the universal coupling, and to grasp whether there are special requirements such as installation of fixed brackets.

5. How much is the speed ratio of the cross shaft universal joint? Is it necessary to carry out rotor dynamic balancing? Specify rotor dynamic balance or balance, and specify which other balance quality level.


6. Is the installation location limited? How much is the actual installation length, does it have to be retractable? When specifying the telescopic type, how much is the amount of extension of the universal coupling when it is short. Regarding compensation that does not require telescopic universal couplings, taking into account the reasons for the deviation of the shaft diameter specification, the location of compensation in the system software should be clarified.


According to the mastery of the above prerequisites, gradually clarify the specifications and models of the cardan shaft, and then clarify which structure to choose. The structure of universal coupling includes cross shaft type, ball cage type, ball fork type, bump type, ball pin type, ball hinge type, ball hinge plunger pump type, three pin type, three fork lift type, three ball Pin type, hinged lift type, etc., the most common is the cross shaft type, followed by the ball cage dragon. In specific applications, it is divided into medium and heavy, medium and small, light and medium and small according to the transmitted torque size. Similarly, the model selection of plum coupling is similar. If you want to choose a coupling suitable for prime mover applications from such a large number of universal couplings, you must master the above-mentioned preconditions and external influence factors.